Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Great saber-toothed cat pictures by Mauricio Antón

video, for "GRIN", "Reconstrucción del tigre" dientes de sable "Paramachairodus" of "smart planet" in "YouTube"

Madrid (saber-tooth cat-blog) - One of the greats in his profession, the English artist Mauricio Antón in Madrid. His richly detailed images of prehistoric big cats in the superb book "The big cats and their fossil relatives" have natural, animal and cat lovers delight in the world. In this post from the British scientist Alan Turner and Mauricio Antón from Liverpool plant motifs are to be admired, which is otherwise very rare or even see anywhere. For example, a drawing, on which one sees the great saber-toothed cat Machairodus and the small dagger-toothed cat or cats Paramachairodus together in the hunt for some prey. The title is mentioned but only one has many publications, the optically enriched Antón.

Anyone interested in Mauricio Antón and his art, is for the a very good place on the web. There is in English and in English read many interesting things about this renowned artist. You can also see many successful examples of his creations. The chief attraction is worth seeing the video clip. The versatile English artist also has many digital models of long-extinct creatures - created

orders of the English book "The big cats and their fossil relatives" when - as saber-toothed cats, mammoths and prehistoric man: / Big-Cats-Their-Fossil-Relatives/dp/0231102291/ref = sr_1_1? ie = UTF8 & s = books-intl-de & qid = 1238507091 & sr = 8-1

Some of Mauricio Antón-built drawings of saber-toothed cat and dagger-toothed cats are also found in the German-Taschenbuch "saber-toothed cats" of the Wiesbaden science author Ernst Probst. This title has appeared in "GRIN for academic texts" and available in about 1,000 online book shops as well as in any good bookstore. Orders for "GRIN" (Paperback or E-Book) at the address the web.


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